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I didn't make it. I know I didn't and I don't really see a point in being in school anymore because I knew she picked people because of singing and not cause they can act and that can't make a production. Oh well...

Impale me on a pike of theatre talent. Really, honestly....come on.

This isn't what I need to feel any good or any horrible about myself. Now I wont get into thespians and I'll feel too bad to go and try out for anything also. And my dreams of going to acting school is being crushed on the rocks when people

"oh, well some people just can't sing."

....-_-; -Cries- you don't get it! All I've ever wanted was just tos ign and dance and etertain people! i don't wanna be inthe movies! I'm not pretty enough for that. I could NEVER make, don't they see that? And if you can't make a school musical what makes me think I can get on broadway? I wanna sign, I wanna etertain people with my voice.

God, I feel like shit.

I came home early because I was so embaressed and cried for about a half an hour straight because I felt so bad. And no one sees this? If I don't have acting, I have nothing. The only thing I have is the stage and it's the only thing that makes me go to school. And fashion? Everyone is conviencing me not to do it but this guy in my piano class Joe! And I don't really know him! Now acting school is out. I think I'm gonna drop out. It be for the best.
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