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Pictures! Yea...that's all I got. XD.

Brandy! God that girl is nuts! O_O

Vicki. odd ball that she is...

Again it's Amanda! She is sooo funny

Glenn again! I caught him with this and it was his brithday today. I gave him a hug. That's more then enough from me. XD

Amanda said that it looked like Fink was seeing God or something, lol. I have to admit. It does look that way.

My boobs! They told me to take a picture of my boobs for fink...and so I did....XD

Now a story about my shoe!!

One day Mr. Converse was very sad that he was all alone [yes my shoe is a sir] and so he went looking for friends.

And so he found Marylin! But she never spoke to him so he was really sad. So he went on looking for a play mate that he could enjoy himself with.

Oh but low and behold! Who was this that Mr. Converse had found?


Mr. FinK! WooO! So the two ran off and had a million babies......THE END

XD I am such a dork. <3

I found pictures of how I want my hair cut. yay!
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