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i was reading this website and I must laugh. really, that's all I can do is laugh.

It's a good website but the thing is, I think it's so...silly. I mean, I dress how I want to and when I try to look lolita I will. I don't think there is a "right or wrong" way to dress Lolita. But again, that is me. Like I don't care if Lolita gets popular in america because it's popular in Japan! You can't keep a whole subculutre to itself. One of the reasons why I wanna be a designer and I think it's cheep to say that everyone has to fall into one place. But again, I am the odd ball who thinks it hot to wear a girl scout green vest with 6 inch heels. because it's hot and new and the thing is that this site kinda goes against the bibles and everything else. Also, I don't think "Gothic Lolita" should really be credited completely to Mana. After all, he might have perfected it and made it wide stream but I don't think he did everything for the culture as it became. I think it's important to credited him but I don't think it's totally all him. I have seen pictures from the Tokyo dark castle events and I must admit, I think the lolita's there [or the majority who were lolita] really cared about anything else. Not that I don't think it's important to understand your subculture if you want to becoem a part of it. That's like people who dress odd coming up to others on the frist try and being like

"I'm dressing strange to fit into a cookie cutter world of being oddd! !! Ooo, aren't I spooky?"

I think it's good to dress in a certain subculture that you like and then make it your own. Which is why I think trying to define something like Gothic & Lolita is too hard because then western lolita's get bashed all the time. I also think Gothic should be put with Lolita...if you understand what I mean. Like the "gothic/gothic" part should be consider Lolita only because "Gothic & Lolita" is about the gothic side of lolita whihc is looking like a innocent little girl or a doll so in all actually fact then sweet lolitas are the only ones who are getting it right!! if you really want to look into it. And the whole look really is to be a french doll more then anything if we are going on what Mana has done by creating it and then people have taken it to a new extreme. You know? Because mana can go outside the 'Lolita' look in some photoshoots but they all act like he's a god. But sometimes he's more "gothic" then anything else. And that's just the plain truth. Like his new look with pants and all is more a male gothic look to me.

I hope I make sense and don't seem idiotic but I just think it's stupid to worry what lines you fit in. If it's something you believe it is Lolita then look at different examples of designers to see what you think and what it fits. Even if you don't fit the lines of 'lolita' go out with your lolita friends in your own style. That's what clothing is about. Your own style by taking it and flipping it about.

...I just want my own dandy guy is all. Lol.
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