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Pictures from today.

Gah, I'm a picture fiend! i told ya guys if i got a digital camera I would pimp that whore out. And I am. And I almost feel slightly bad for it, lol.

Here they are from art

Amanda holding her boobs XD

Charles my gay love!


My crazy art teacher palmer, who I love to death. I will take picutres of my projects they all involve j-rock or gothic and Lolita. ^^;

Rusty and fink! <33

Rusty looking retarded. XD. And with finks drum sticks--"If you can't do it, don't bring your shit!!" oh dear lord help me, XD

This is a photogram of my latest art work. It's called "etching" and you scratch a picture with a knife onto a black over head. It's Son Goku from siayuki and it reads "Saiyuki: Music" cause he has head phones in. I am doing a much larger one next time. This is my practice one. It's my first time doing it. ^^;

And now me!

me getting ready to go out.

Lolita! Now you guys get to see me in half lolita. I love the pose in the last one. I was inspired by this ganguro girl named "Ka~atn" or something like that. She always did a victory sign backwards with her pinky by her eye and her ring finger against her lip so I wanted to be goofy like that.

Thanks for putting up with this crap guys! -Bow-
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