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Ok, here's the most scariest pic in the world that I have seen XD! I can't help but laugh when I see this. Ganguro's are so funny! haha...stupid girls! i hope my mommy will go shopping with me. I wanna wear my twist and my big boots and go around goth vampy style yo. I also am about to jump in the shower to take Lolita pictures and post in the penpal Lolita community. I want a pen pal! T_T.

Oh well.

Oh and here's a link to a BIG picture of them XD:


"rainbow tribe?" XD
haha, oh and I wanna cosplay Ayumi's Arena outfit for Real me and do a performance for otakon! Haha, that be great! That bitch be hard to make too O_O. I need a new sewing project. Blarg. Must call aunt tonight.
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